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ISO 9001
Quality certification
UNI EN ISO 9001 sets out the internationally recognized guidelines for the management of modern quality systems. Euro Stampaggi has been certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001 since December 2004. This means the company operates according to a standard of quality, in complete control of its production processes, with tools for in-depth critical analysis of its data.
This is coupled with a set of operating procedures shared by all the staff and stringently complied with.

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The safe work certification
“Private economic initiative is free. It may not be carried out in ways contrary to social utility or so as to harm safety, freedom, human dignity” Art. 41 of the Italian Constitution.
 The SA 8000 international standard aims to improve working conditions worldwide. It is the first international standard for measuring the degree of ethics and social responsibility of a company, and is issued by accredited independent bodies that monitor behavioural compliance. Applicable internationally in any commodity sector, it requires publicly highlighting a company’s management of its production system. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) impacts on the integration of companies into the local, national, European and international environment. The new global economic dynamics cannot fail to take into account key issues such as respect for human rights, compliance with workers’ rights, protection against the exploitation of minors, and guarantees of health and safety in the workplace.
 Euro Stampaggi achieved the SA 8000 certification in December 2014.

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Here you can access the SA8000 Reporting Module

Here you can access the SA8000 Remedy Procedure

In 2013 and in 2014, Euro Stampaggi achieved Certification Rating 1 (representing maximum reliability and financial strength) from Cribis Dun & Bradstreet. The Certification Rating 1 is the highest recognition in the world with regard to the economic and financial reliability of companies and their ability to meet their commitments to their suppliers. This Certification is reserved exclusively for companies that maintain a consistently high level of economic and financial reliability and timeliness of payments. To date, only 5.65% of Italian companies have the same rating. This assessment comes from an analysis of the company balance sheet of the last five years and is based on an evaluation of 1,500 different parameters, including the age of the company, its employment growth, timeliness of payments, financial and economic reliability, and especially its consistency over time.
 This is an important recognition for Euro Stampaggi, but also for all those who work with us: Rating 1 accredits and enhances the company’s relations with lending institutions, finance companies, customers, suppliers and partners.

Here you can view the official Certificate issued to Euro Stampaggi in 2013

Here you can view the official Certificate issued to Euro Stampaggi in 2014

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