Clean Team

Because order and cleanliness are synonymous with quality too

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It is called the “Clean Team” and its goal is to change everyone’s (deep-rooted) habits in the workplace. Specifically, this group of workers aims to continually monitor cleaning for the purposes of safety, environmental respect and the well-being of staff… an important contribution to realising an important project: working and living in respect for the environment which hosts us.

Created over ten years ago, the Euro Stampaggi model was inspired by foreign work and awareness groups but was immediately welcomed with the enthusiasm of truly authentic things.

It involves dealing with certain bad habits and improper but widespread conduct, such as, for example, not strictly respecting the instructions on separate waste collection, or keeping work stations in subjective “orderly” disorder.

The employees who make up the Clean Team, discuss and prepare improvement proposals which are submitted to the company’s management team and, when the results come in, everyone appreciates them – even the sceptics.

Hence, even small, everyday tasks can lead to important results: a clean, orderly environment is synonymous with quality and safety and is a sign of the care and attention taken in the workplace.

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