The Company Policy of Euro Stampaggi

Our commitment, our actions

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At Euro Stampaggi we are convinced that the success of a company can only be achieved through the active contribution of the people who are part of it. No other company resource is as important because people contribute to enrich the company’s overall culture and to improve the company’s economic and financial results. That is why we focus great attention on health and safety issues at work, on training personnel and on relationships between people, including external collaborators and every other party that deals with the company along the value chain, including suppliers, customers and the public in general.

Euro Stampaggi’s Integrated Management System is based on the concept of continuous improvement, improvement which is achieved by identifying and organising processes, operating methods and systems in order to increase safety, environmental sustainability, development and balanced growth.

Continuous attention to innovation in processes and technologies, enhancing the skills and abilities of personnel and a production cycle designed to best respond to the needs of each individual customer, have been the principal components in the company’s philosophy for years. That is why we see our customers as essential components of our success: we work hard as their partner to meet their needs whilst safeguarding workers, limiting the impact of our technologies and working to spread these values.

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