A constant commitment to safeguard customers, workers and the environment

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Euro Stampaggi’s main goal is the customer’s complete and constant satisfaction; but the company wants to achieve this by reducing its impact on the environment to the bare minimum, by enhancing and safeguarding its personnel and those of its suppliers and by ensuring the health and safety of workers and all interested parties.

This mission is clearly evident in the good practices introduced, applied daily, refined over the years, and then formalised in an Integrated Management System already certified according to:

And in the process of certification:

In 2023, the Management System was brought made compliant with the 231/01 organisational models.

Oltre a ciò, Euro Stampaggi ha conseguito:

  • Cribis Prime Company certification for the greatest economic-commercial reliability and financial solidity (it received the maximum rating).
  • Legality Rating certification from the Italian Competition Authority.

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