An indispensable tool for the growth of people and the company

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Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young”.

Henry Ford

Modern companies are complex working environments where the work demands new and greater skills and abilities. They are places where relationships intensify and can become complicated. In a small company, managing interpersonal relationships is done by the owner or the company’s management team; but as soon as the company grows a little, the industrial dimension risks making us loose site of one of the most precious assets we possess: human relationships, direct contacts, the ability to listen.

Training is an indispensable tool for growth, not just growth linked to performing activities, and it can help people socialize, listen, and be heard. We understand that people cannot simply leave their everyday problems, worries, concerns and emotions at the door outside the company and so we believe that our task is also to help manage these problems and concerns, even if they are not directly related to carrying out the company’s tasks.

Driven by the belief that “the value of a company is given by its people”, the Euro Stampaggi Group, for some years now, has provided continuous training programmes for personnel, aimed at people at every level in the organisation. Among the main topics dealt within these training programmes are: business organisation, customer service, quality, safety, communication and managing change.

Training does not involve a single approach, like a traditional classroom setting. It takes an integrated approach which allows various tools to be employed at different times in order to obtain the change desired in a way that is real and profound, applying and using levers that refer to the “hidden part of the iceberg”, seen as a metaphor for the organisation.

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