The Philosophy

A company should be an asset in the community

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People have been shaping metal for over ten thousand years. Euro Stampaggi was founded on the basis of the Mediterranean tradition of innovative transformation of metal into high quality products. The company’s core values have led to a focus on human capital and a drive for continuous improvement in production methods, in materials and in safety, with notable attention on the issue of sustainability.

Our challenge today is integrating cutting-edge machinery and techniques with historic traditions whilst enhancing the skills and abilities of our staff, quality, commitment and respect for the environment. Metals are among the most recyclable materials used by people and this makes working metals one of the most environmentally sustainable jobs. Company procedures take into account the complete life cycle of the metals used and attention is paid to the origins and sources of the raw material and the environmental impact of mining. Thanks to the use of advanced analysis methodologies, all materials are checked for the presence of any harmful elements, in order to guarantee the safety of the products as well as that of workers.

Euro Stampaggi has been an industrial leader in replacing alloys that traditionally contained lead and other harmful elements with new alloys having the same or even better manufacturing properties, but without any potential harmful effects. Work on new alloys and their processes includes collaboration with leading experts in science and technology from around the world and draws on the best in the field of global innovation. The careful analysis work and the encouragement of a new advanced sintering process has opened the door to new products and new materials.

Euro Stampaggi is aware of the importance of having a global vision and plans to make increasing use of advanced communication and collaboration tools, in order to expand its range of operations through global collaborations, benefiting from the best procedures and innovations from all over the world to grow, thanks to a network of highly talented people and the relationships they establish.

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