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In 2010, the house organ #Stampiamo was launched, a company periodical that reports news about us, that disseminates and helps everyone feel involved in everything that happens inside a facility, the thoughts of and topics occupying the company’s management team, the innovations introduced in departments, helping spread awareness on attention to the environment, safety levels and attention to be paid in the workplace, on the certifications being pursued and obtained, and even a look at art. It also would serve so that people could get to know each other, as the factory was taking on such dimensions as to accommodate over a hundred employees and it was becoming difficult to call each other by name.

The dissemination tool is studied in the editorial format and graphics, so that it would be agile and immediate in the approach, effective in transmitting the contents and could also be disseminated externally to suppliers and customers.

These are the words of Giuliano Simonelli when he introduced the first edition of #Stampiamo:

You all know well that I love to talk personally with you because each one of you knows specific aspects of our corporate life that my own work commitments, also given the size of the Group, prevent me from dealing with directly. And so I decided – together with the people who work with me directly – to launch this publication which will allow us to talk about the most important aspects of our life in the company: safety in departments, the quality of production and our objectives for improvement. I like to think of this as a “work bench”, something created by everyone for everyone, where we can discuss things with passion and share the appeal of the challenges that we take up every day to meet the needs of our customers. I therefore await your contributions, your ideas and your creativity to start this new adventure together.

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