Cold Forging

The art of shaping metal at room temperature

Cold forging is a mechanical manufacturing process by which metal is deformed without heating it. Through the use of specific presses, the metal – at room temperature – is put into the desired shape by using a mould that is the negative shape of the piece to be produced.

The experience, use of modern machinery and the precision of the moulds allow items to be made that do not require any further working or additional finishing; with cold forging, finished products can be made in a single processing phase.

The various processes, which range from drawing the metal to coining and bending stranded and flat objects, are particularly suited for small items and large production batches.

Modulo Freddo, the company in the Euro Stampaggi Group which specialises in cold forging, has ten production lines and the mouldable dimensions range from extremely small (for example, 2 mm) up to pieces measuring 500 mm depending on the geometries.

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