Euro Stampaggi

Euro Stampaggi began operations in 1979 and specialised in hot forging fashion accessories. The 1980s and 1990s saw constant growth but it was the turn of the century that witnessed Euro Stampaggi transition from an artisan company into an industrial powerhouse.

In recent years the company’s evolution has continued: a lost wax precision casting department was set up and an innovative, pickling plant with low environmental impact was created; new skills and abilities were acquired; equity investments in four important companies in the sector were made.

Today, Euro Stampaggi also uses the latest generation, most advanced technologies to create moulds for hot forging, mainly in brass, aluminium, bronze, silver and copper.

Euro Stampaggi Spa
Via del Confine, 12 – 50018 Scandicci (Fi) – Italy
Tel. +39 055 7312911 (6 linee r.a.) – Fax. +39 055 721582

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