Pa.Co. Incisioni

This company was established in 2012 to take over an existing business and to allow the Euro Stampaggi Group to enlarge the range of processing options managed directly.

The company, working exclusively for companies in the Group, performs processing and, in particular, engravings on any type of metal. It can also draw, design and model in 3D for production runs and to create samples of metal accessories of high quality. Today, Pa.Co. Incisioni specialises in the “recovery” of moulded products and in creating samples and prototypes.

Pa.Co. Incisioni Srl
Sede Legale: Via Castelpulci, 15/2 – 50018 Scandicci (Fi) – Italy
Sede Operativa: Via dei Pratoni, 9/3 – 50018 Scandicci (Fi) – Italy
Tel. +39 055 707074

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